FLIR a65 review – professional thermal camera


The compact thermal camera, lightweight solution, for drones.

With a high resolution, 640 x 512 detector, design that’s small enough to fit in the palm of the hand and many other advanced features such as ethernet data transmission, the A65 detects problems with process equipment long before it becomes a problem.

By using multiple A65 units its also possible to configure a network of cameras with one master unit and several other slave units which feed data into a central system. To speed up data transfer all FLIR A65 cameras also use high speed gigabit ethernet for quick, reliable data transmission at all times.

FLIR A65 Compact Thermal Camera Key Features

  • Extremely affordable – ideal for setting up an automation or machine vision environment
  • Compact, lightweight design – easy to integrate
  • High resolution of 640 x 512 pixels
  • GigE Vision – new camera interface transmits data over a gigabit ethernet interface at high speeds
  • GenICam protocol support – generic programming interface for all types of cameras (allows use of third party software)
  • Power over ethernet – communication and power using just one cable
  • Synchronisation – configure one camera as a master unit with other slave cameras configured
  • General purpose input/output – one output that can be used to control other equipment and one input to read the status from same equipment
  • Wide temperature range of -25 to 135°C
  • High sensitivty of <50mK spots the most minor differences in temperature
  • FLIR Tools sofware included for configuration of the system

What’s Included?

  • FLIR A65 Compact Process Thermal Camera
  • Lens
  • Focus Adjustment Tool
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Important Information Guide
  • User Documentation CD-ROM
  • Registration Card


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